Hand-crafted woven mirror as a decor Element

Do you want to include a tropical feel in your interior design? A woven mirror is a necessary practical component of any home that can be turned into mirror wall decor.

The woven mirror can instantly add sophistication and depth to any room’s decor. What a stunning focal point a decorative mirror can be in a home’s decor! Feather and rattan mirrors, created for coastal-inspired living and the exotic urban home, add a distinctive accent to a home’s decor.


Benefits of woven mirror

We are all aware of the benefits of the woven mirror for self-checking activities like getting dressed, flossing, and applying makeup. And, of course, they are essential for capturing the ideal mirror selfie. However, a woven mirror can also enlarge small areas, so interior designers and other cool people we spoke to claim they frequently use them merely as decorative items.


The proper size needs to be considered

The size of the woven mirror should be determined by a few elements, including the size of the wall it will be mounted on and the impact you want the mirror to have on the space. In your living room, dining room, or bedroom, hang the mirror on a sizable wall to make a dramatic statement. Choose an extra-large mirror that measures 25 and 31 inches on each side. You might need a woven mirror that is only 10 inches on each side if you plan to use it as an accent on a small wall near your entryway. Calculate the available space on your wall by taking a measurement, then decide how much of it you want the mirror to occupy.

woven mirror 2

Where to place woven mirror?

  • Life room

Decorate a living room wall with coastal themes for visitors and families to enjoy. woven mirror intricate braid transforms it into the ideal wall mirror decor that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. A handcrafted woven mirror is a great way to add a nautical, coastal touch to any wall in a home.

  • Bathroom

Adding a lovely feather mirror to the wall will give your bathroom or bedroom an instant upgrade in opulence. Woven mirrors are tastefully made from feathers.

  • Bedroom

Accent mirrors are eye-catching wall decorations for the bedroom. Whether a round mirror made of rattan or feather, a white decorative wall woven mirror reflecting the sun exudes sophistication and gives a home a coastal feel.

  • Hallway

Ensure install a wall mirror in the corridor adjacent to the front door. A woven mirror is a useful interior accessory for checking looks before leaving the house or coming back, and it may also be used as wall decor. A woven mirror will spruce up the foyer and make it appear larger than it is especially a larger rectangle wall mirror.


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