Mirror Wall Hanging: Styles and Tips on How to Maintain

Mirror Wall Hanging is a popular item in most home decor. They bring stylish decor and practical stylistic finishing to any space.

Mirror wall hangings add style to your home and office. They are the ideal decorative mirrors and are pleasing to the eyes. They are appealing when placed in the entryway, living room, or wherever they blend well.


Different styles of decorative mirror wall hanging


1. Cotton Rope Mirror
These mirrors are elegantly woven using cotton ropes. They come in different pattern designs.

Cotton Rope Mirror


2. Rattan Mirror
Rattan mirrors include various mirrors framed by woven rattan strips. These mirrors can be styled in diverse ways.

Rattan Mirror


3. Straw Mirror
You can have an interesting addition to your mirror wall-hanging collection by introducing straw mirrors. They can be plain or colorful and will blend seamlessly with the surroundings.

Straw Mirror

Mirror Wall Hanging Styling Tip

Mirrors can be considered art pies and therefore used as decor. Each style evokes different feelings. Ensure the mirror wall hangings you buy blend well with other decor pieces available.

Tips on maintaining mirror wall hanging


Clean them regularly:
To keep your mirrors in good condition, you have to clean them regularly to remove dust and dirt. You can use a dry, clean piece of cloth to wipe them.

Avoid the use of heavy-duty cleaning products:
Some cleaning products contain alkalis and strong chemicals like bleach and ammonia. These chemicals can wear out your decorative mirrors, robbing them of their stylish looks. If you need to clean edges made of fabric like cotton, you can use mild cleaning solutions, rinse, and then dry it.

Apply the cleaner directly to the mirror:
Do not spray cleaning solutions on your mirror walls. This is because of the frame used; some can be made of woven cotton, which can absorb the cleaning solution. Instead, apply the solution to a clean, plain cloth and use it to wipe. When you spray, some solutions might go down through the edges and seams.

Avoid touching them needlessly:
Your mirrors will end up having your fingerprints or dirt if you touch them. If you want to clean them, you can wear gloves or place a cloth in between. Also, be extra careful when handling them, as they are prone to scratches and breakage.


Most people love mirrors. Mirrors allow us to see ourselves from every angle. You also get to see objects and views!
Having decorative mirrors keeps you from having boring-looking mirrors that are plain and lack presence.


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