Single Side & Multi-layer PCB Design

Single-side PCB is the most commonly used PCB in the industry. It is the first device used to assemble and interconnect electronic components, thus forming a functional and cohesive operating system. Ideally, it is a popular board used in the consumer electronics industry. Our single-side PCB boards contain a single substrate layer with all parts, and electrical components fixed on one side, the copper trace on the other side, and the copper trace on the other side.

Multi-layer PCB has more layers than both single and double-sided PCB. Many circuit layers are between the top and bottom sides of the PCB. This type of PCB is more complex than double-side PCB as each layer can connect through a through-hole (PTH).

We have ensured that both our single-side PCB and multi-layer PCB are designed to meet customer’s needs. Our PCB board thickness ranges from 0.4mm to 2.4 mm, but since we also handle production, you can contact us if you need a board that exceeds these measurements. Our boards are also available in various hole sizes, spacing, silkscreen, and surface finishing.

After PCB production, we ensure that our products meet the required industry needs and safety regulations. We subject them to tests and checks. That includes:

Automated Optical Inspection (A.O.I)
Camera Controlled Drilling (CCD)
Impedance Control

You can always check out the registration accuracy for the multi-layer PCB design.


The uniqueness of our PCB design


What makes our single-side and multi-layer PCB design best is that;

  • It adopts the highest quality of ink and printing technology to ensure readability and clarity.
  • It uses high-quality substrates, therefore able to endure harsh environments.
  • It uses diversified processing technology.
  • It offers blue and red solder masks for prototypes and gold finger and gold plating PCB prototyping services.
    Classification of PCB

We classify our PCB by Flex or Rigid. You can select rigid PCB, metal core board, aluminum board, electronic component, SMD stencils, flexible PCB, and Rigid+ Flex PCB. They are suitable for commercial, industrial, automotive, medicine, smart devices, schools, universities, and much more.

Having been in the PCB production business for over ten years now, PCB Electronics Ltd is a proud PCB manufacturer of PCB prototypes and PCB production. Our team comprises experienced professionals who guarantee a quick turn PCB production service from as short as 24 hours without compromising quality.

Our production ensures the best combination of cost-effectiveness and quality; that is why we have customers in 30+ regions and countries from various industries.  Our customer service also guarantees professional service and will solve all your questions easily through our platform. All pieces of our PCB are tested before any courier staff picks up your package. We not only send quality PCB to our customers but delivering total satisfaction is our best!



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