The cheapest way for international shipping

With the rise of import and export trade, more and more people are starting to import and export. Many people import from China to their countries and sell products for trade through various means. Therefore, more and more people are also interested in the cheapest way for international shipping. Our article will take you to understand the best way international sea freight

Why choose the cheapest way for international shipping

As one of the oldest modes of transportation,sea shipping covers most of the surface area of the Earth’s oceans and waterways.International sea freight is the choice of many trading companies, and it is a method of transporting goods between ports in different countries and regions through sea routes, which is most widely used in international cargo transportation. More than two-thirds of the total international trade volume is transported by sea, and about 90% of China’s total import and export cargo volume is transported by sea.

The advantages of internal sea freight

1、 Economically speaking, the shipping cost is cheap

International sea freight provides shippers with the most competitive international sea freight rates, especially for long-distance transportation.

Compared to air freight, the transportation cost of sea freight is usually 4 to 6 times lower than that of air freight. Under low shipping costs, international sea freight is the most economical choice for international shipping.

2、 In terms of efficiency, both large and small goods can be achieved

Regardless of the size of the goods being transported, international sea freight can meet basic transportation needs.

Smaller goods can be combined with other goods to fill containers, there by achieving cost sharing of transportation services. Larger cargo can fill one or more containers, providing shippers with the choice of bulk or full loading.

Container ships are an ideal way to transport large quantities of goods, and the original intention of containers was also based on the convenience of transporting large quantities of goods or raw materials.

3、 Carrying capacity: oversized, heavy, and bulky cargo

The main advantage of sea transportation is its ability to handle oversized, heavy, or bulky cargo – commonly referred to as bulk cargo, which includes large vehicles, equipment, building materials, etc.

For air or road transportation, it is relatively difficult to transport goods that are too heavy or too large. For container shipping, even very large goods are not a problem at all.

There are many options for international shipping of containers, and there are also many types of containers, including regular containers, refrigerated containers, open top containers, and frame containers.

On the other hand, port equipment is generally built by the government, making ships durable and the transportation cost of goods relatively affordable, especially for large cargo.

cheapest way for international shipping

How to choose the cheapest way for international shipping

More and more people are importing and exporting, and most people directly rely on suppliers to assist with transportation. Some also have their own specialized freight forwarders to assist with transportation. So how do we choose the best way for international shipping?

If you are a small buyer, how do you choose international sea freight?

Small buyers usually have a certain economic budget. If your sales are not compact, international shipping will be your best choice because the price is affordable. You can ask suppliers to help you find affordable shipping or professional shipping agents to help you.

If you are a big buyer, how do you choose international sea freight?

If you are a large buyer, you must have a certain scale of company, and the allocation of positions within the company is very sound. At this time, how do you find a suitable international shipping company and cheapest way for international shipping.

Perhaps it is a freight forwarder with a fixed partnership with a company, but of course, you can also look for suitable suppliers on different logistics platforms. A large buyer’s goods will definitely be transported by more professional people, and you can find a fixed shipping company to cooperate with.

Of course, how to choose the cheapest way for international shipping varies depending on the methods and opinions of different people.

Believe that your choice is the best and cheapest!


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