A Basic Guide to Modern Macrame Plant Hanger

Why choose a modern macrame plant hanger?

One of the many crafts currently being revived is macrame or knotting. Macrame is making a major comeback embracing the modern bohemian design. Many knotting techniques are applied to make a beautiful modern macrame plant hanger designed to display greenery from the ceiling or wall.

Generally, macrame is a versatile fiber art used to make many items, including plant hangers, purses, jewelry, and clothing items. This technique uses simple materials like hemp, cotton twine, jute, and more. Depending on the crafter’s design, a macrame can be complex or simple. The modern designs of the macrame plant hanger have led to the growth of manufacturing companies specializing in various knotting styles.

The modern approach to designing these items has led to embellishments of various creative opportunities like using dyed threads and wooden or glass beads. The modern macrame plant hangers are well designed to keep plants out of reach from kids and pets and add a boho-chick or vintage flair to the room. Macrame designs come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, making the design endless.

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How are modern macrame plant hangers made?

As mentioned earlier, many companies are on the rise specializing in hand-woven household items. These industries have grown, and thanks to technological advancements, most of these industries are accessible online.

Manufacturers have various options in choosing the type of fiber to use. Natural or synthetic fiber can be used. The cords are around 3mm to 6mm thick for a standard project. The cord used is 0.5mm to 2mm thick for small decorative items or jewelry. The length of a macrame cord is approximated based on your project. After the manufacturers find the perfect fiber for your project, they follow a DIY process. These processes differ and you should always source these details from the manufacturer.


Why a modern macrame plant hanger?

A macrame’s versatility makes it a great addition to any home. A plant hanger means you will have a plant inside a pot in the plant’s hunger. The grown plant has to remain healthy, which means it must access fresh air and sunlight. A modern macrame plant hanger can be hung anywhere in your home, but its location should have access to light. Such places include a hook by the window.


When selecting a macrame plant hanger, consider the following:

  • Size

The selected hanger should accommodate the plant size to display in your home. If you want to showcase many plants, plant hangers come in different sizes, so it’s worth purchasing as a set.

  • Color

The modern design comes in various colors, making it a perfect combination with modern home décor. When ordering a macrame plant hanger, consider the aesthetics and scheme before settling on a style.

  • Bottom Line

Hanging planters is one of the best methods to keep your home green and away from pets. The availability of different sizes and shapes of macrame plant hangers make it a perfect home decor.


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