Woven rattan baskets suitable for any atmosphere

The woven rattan basket has an organic, rustic look. This pair of delicately hand-woven rattan baskets will add a cozy, natural addition to any space.

Woven rattan basket is a craft that has been practiced for centuries and is practiced across a wide range of civilizations. Unspun vegetable fibers are braided into a basket shape to produce woven storage baskets.

The larger basket is the perfect size to carry the family’s shoes and pet toys, while the smaller basket is ideal for vegetables and other food pantry items in your kitchen. Each basket is made from thick, intricately woven rattan, making them sturdy enough for use in your home and daily life.


What is a woven rattan basket?

The fibers from the rattan palm, a tree that is native to areas of Southeast Asia and Africa, are used to make woven rattan baskets, which are storage containers. Basket weavers often collect rattan palm fronds from the wild or special farms, and they are then steamed or soaked to make them flexible. A Woven rattan basket is typically utilized for storage. Rattan baskets of many different sizes and shapes store clothing, books, and files.

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Why should you use a woven rattan basket?

Although rattan baskets are lightweight, they can typically support heavy weight loads. They are frequently promoted as a means to organize a home while also adding style. Even relatively cheap, machine-made baskets can have an elegant, exotic appearance that can hide clutter while making a statement.

Our gray natural woven rattan basket is fantastic for organizing spaces. Each basket features an integrated handle that makes it simple to pull out when used as shelf storage.

Benefits of woven rattan basket


  • Environmentally conscious
    One of the most commodiously used natural materials on the planet is rattan. This is a result of how fast and readily rattan trees grow. Additionally, rattan requires less maintenance in terms of shipping and harvesting. This will be the first benefit of using a woven rattan basket.
  • Flexible
    One of the best qualities of a woven rattan basket is its versatility. The rattan basket will not only be able to contain a lot of items when you place a lot of them in it at once, but it will also maintain its shape. Because it may be used for various storage purposes, your rattan basket can be used even if it is warped, broken, or otherwise damaged.
  • Affordable
    It is a relatively affordable development for the general public because rattan raw materials are widely available. Because rattan is so uncommon, the cost of this substance is also quite reasonable.
  • Multi-functional
    A whole new world of possibilities is opened by turning rattan into a basket. In addition to serving as shopping baskets, woven rattan baskets can also be used as laundry baskets, baby baskets, pet beds, and storage containers.
  • Resistant
    Rattan is more durable than bamboo or plastic, making it a better choice for outdoor applications. Because rattan can survive various weather conditions, the rattan basket you use as table decor on a patio table can be utilized for a long time.

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