A Basic Guide to the Manufacturing Process of a teddy bear toy doll

The toy doll manufacturing process explained

A teddy bear is a popular children’s toy used in films, stories, and songs. It is a stuffed toy that takes the form of a bear. Whether you are looking for a perfect gift for your child or you need to show affection, congratulation, or sympathy to an adult, this is the perfect present. Since the creation of the first teddy bears in the form of a bear’s cub, many have followed, varying in color, material, form, and style.

How is a toy doll or teddy bear made?

The raw material for the first teddy bear was “fur” mohair fabric that consisted of sheep wool, goat wool, and silk or rayon stuffing. Today’s stuffing consists of silk, wool, a combination of fibers, or other synthetics.

First, an artist experienced in designing toys and manufacturing sketches the model of the teddy bear to be made. Drawing pieces make patterns based on the planned bear’s sketch. The pattern is then cut out and put together to look for flaws in the prototype bear. If the design bears imperfections such as not properly sitting, then the design is resketched, or the piece’s shape is changed. Many trials are made before the actual large-scale manufacture of toy dolls.

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The process of manufacturing a teddy bear toy doll

The design is transferred to the blueprint to make the paper patterns after the design is accepted. Cut-out shapes are then pinned to a piece of fabric, and many layers of plush are stacked while the pattern is pinned on top. A cutter with a blade is used to cut many details simultaneously. Workers with sewing machines assemble the small details, add attachments and eyes to the face, and then stitch the parts together. The bears are then dispatched to the stuffing process.

The bear is then stuffed by air pressure through a tube with a small diameter. The stuffed bear is then taken by another worker who stitches the remaining opening of the toy doll, and the bear is groomed. An electric brush is then used to brush the seams, and air jets are blown to remove loose fur. Final details such as accessories and ribbons are added, then packaging for sale is done.


Where can you buy a teddy bear toy doll?

Commercially mass-produced teddy bears are mostly made toys for kids. These dolls should have fastened closed eyes for commercial purposes that will not pose a choking disaster for small kids. To be marketed, the toy should meet a certain quality standard that is put across. China is a major manufacturer since it has low production costs.

If you need a toy production supply service provider, you can consider finding a reliable Chinese toy manufacturer. Most companies provide ODM/OEM services and small batch orders. Finding a reliable toy manufacturer can bring you a lot of benefits. A great help to make the toys you design stand out in the market.


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