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In international trade, the international cargo freight forwarder plays the role of connecting the preceding and the following. The international cargo freight forwarder business includes the import and export of sea, air and China-Europe freight trains. The basic business processes are cargo soliciting, booking, warehousing, packaging, transit, container assembly and unpacking, settlement of freight and miscellaneous charges, customs declaration, inspection, related short-distance transport services, domestic air freight sales agency business, non-vessel carrier business and modern logistics solutions consulting, analysis, diagnosis, design, optimization, control, information services and other comprehensive services. The operating income of freight forwarding business mainly comes from providing related business services for international trade enterprises and manufacturing companies, and the cost comes from booking space with airlines and carriers. The profit of cargo freight forwarder business comes from three aspects: transportation price difference, service fee and operating income.


The reliable cargo freight forwarder services

Our company Honza Logistics is a professional cargo freight forwarder, engaged in the freight forwarding industry has 13 years of experience, has been deeply engaged in the freight forwarding industry. Our company serves customers all over the world and so far our service has been very positive. We have a variety of modes of transport, sea, air, railway, express and land, etc. We are not limited to a certain mode of transport, the port of delivery of goods is not only a few, the country’s larger ports, such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Xiamen and so on, these ports are where we often ship bulk goods.

As a professional international cargo freight forwarder, it is not how many employees, but customers’ trust in us and support for us, which will make the freight forwarder industry continue to develop and move forward.

cargo freight forwarder

Why Choos Us

Freight forwarding is a service industry. Service innovation is the first choice for upgrading this industry. There are three forms of service innovation at present:

  1. Basic logistics services aiming at value-added services

The basic links of warehousing, transportation, distribution, packaging and distribution are still in a state of decentralized management, lack of systematic management, and have strong plasticity. Many freight forwarding logistics enterprises focus on the development of basic logistics services based on basic value-added labor, to achieve the systematization and standardization of basic circulation links, and directly provide services to customers.

  1. Business add-on services aimed at cultivating new customers

Customers’ demand for logistics is differentiated and diversified. Providing customized integrated business additional services such as booking, customs clearance, document processing and financial settlement for potential customers can expand the service field on the basis of effectively supporting the main business of enterprises.

  1. Third party logistics service with the goal of industrial renewal

Customer-centric, combine enterprise services with customer needs and interests of both sides, establish organic links, provide users with integrated and systematic solutions, create new profit growth points for both sides, and develop together. Freight forwarding service innovation is a process of repositioning from traditional service to modern logistics service. Service innovation enhances the competitiveness of traditional business with differentiation and nurturates new customer base. Value-added services and logistics management services to create new profit margins and growth points.


To sum up, cargo freight forwarder are mainly engaged in receiving and transporting goods for transport companies (sea, land and air), so as to play an important role in the completion of the trade between the owners and merchants.


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