Why choose train freight from China to Europe?

What is China to Europe train freight transport?

Train transportation between China and Europe operates according to fixed train numbers, routes, timetables and operating times. The international container railway trains between China and Europe and other countries along the route are international railway trains of the highest quality and standard. The trains depart from Chongqing and Chengdu in China and reach Europe via major cities such as Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Suzhou and Yiwu in Germany, Poland, Spain and other countries. Currently, 33 cities in China are stably operating China-Europe cargo trains, and the trains have reached 33 cities in 12 European countries.

Train freight transportation has three major advantages:

1) Save time and cost.

Train freight to and from China can be 50% cheaper than air freight for the same journey. Shipping time is 45-50% shorter than sea shipping.

2) Faster customs procedures

Customs clearance and inspection are much faster than traditional air or sea freight. Our team in China provides 24/7 customs services.

3) Flexible and diverse services

Accepts a variety of cargo transportation, and provides services including: door-to-door delivery, FCL and LCL, general cargo and general cargo

Railway schematic route map: Shenzhen → Chengdu/Chongqing → Urumqi → Alashankou → Kazakhstan → Russia → Belarus → Mara/Budapest → Prague → Customs clearance and delivery

Container type: 20’GP, 20’HQ, 40’GP, 40’HQ, 45’GP, 45′ refrigerated container, hanging clothes container, open container

train freight

Why has train freight become a necessity for freight from China to Europe?

The rapid development of China-Europe freight trains fully demonstrates its huge advantages and potential.

  • First, China-Europe trains are both fast, efficient and cost-effective. The transportation time of China-Europe freight trains is only 1/3 of sea transportation, and the transportation cost is only 1/6 to 1/8 of air transportation.
  • Second, China-Europe freight trains have been running on a regular basis, giving full play to the stability advantage of railway transportation. As the railway transportation infrastructure on the Eurasian continent becomes increasingly improved, customs clearance standards become more coordinated and convenient, and the integration of various train lines speeds up, the advantages of China-Europe trains will be further highlighted.
  • Railway transportation has strong capacity and is suitable for centralized transportation of large quantities of materials. Railway transportation has economies of scale and low unit transportation costs. It is also environmentally friendly and causes less pollution. China-Europe trains have gradually become an important link connecting the “Belt and Road”.

It can be said that China-Europe trains have shouldered the heavy responsibility and become an important mode of transportation that connects the supply chains of China, Europe and Central Asia, continuously transporting important materials to China, Europe and Central Asia, and A bridge to protect life.


For entrepreneurs and companies operating across borders, train transport is an excellent option: cheaper than air transport and faster than sea transport.

If you or your company want fast and cost-effective delivery services, Train freight has now become the perfect solution, providing efficient and reliable logistics services. For French and European companies operating around the world, train transport could soon bring huge profits.

In terms of multimodal transport, Honza Logistics Company provides customers with sea-train combined transport, sea-air combined transport, sea-land combined transport and other professional services based on the different needs of customers and relying on cooperative relationships and advantageous resources with shipping companies, airlines, railway companies and overseas agents. Transportation solutions to ensure that goods arrive at the final location safely, smoothly and efficiently.


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