3 clever reasons why you must have a live sound card V8 and a sound card V9

Live streaming is entertaining since it allows streamers to communicate with anyone around the globe. But if there aren’t any top-tier, high-quality sound cards available, streaming may not always be a pleasant experience.

We’ll explain the live sound card V8 & the sound card V9 and how users can use them for streaming. These are the best equipment to can carry if you’re a streamer because they come with many perks and benefits.

Let’s discuss the reasons for purchasing them both:

1. Live Sound Card V8 – Hassle-Free & Smooth Operation

We know the struggle is real when it comes to pressing the buttons of live sound cards, but the issue can be solved by using the live sound card v8.

The buttons on the sound card V8 are constructed of silicone, which means they’ll be soft and comfortable in your hands. Furthermore, hitting the button during the broadcast won’t hurt your fingertips.

Sound Card V9 – Delicate Hand Feeling

When it comes to the outer shell of Sound card v9, it is sand-based with metal paint that makes it scratch-proof and provides a delicate hand feeling. It can adopt a strong DSP audio clip that will produce nice sound quality with no delay whatsoever.

live sound card v8Live Sound Card V8 – Multiple Sound Effects & Volume Adjustment

Take your streaming experience to the next level by bringing a sound card v8 as it is known for having 12 electroacoustics, and there are 12 sound effects as well. Additionally, the users will get 10 effect modes and may effortlessly alter the volume to suit their needs at O’clock.

Guess what? It won’t be required to enter into specific software to adjust volume, which is one of the biggest perks of having a live sound card v8.

What will it bring to the table?

  • Reverberation size adjustment
  • Volume adjustment for microphone
  • Adjustment of base (both high & low)
  • Volume control while recording
  • Music volume control
  • Monitoring volume control

2. Sound Card V9 – Multiple Sound Effects & Volume Adjustment

Sound card V9 has 14 warming-up sound effects that include pitch, mute, Dindin, giggle, PUBG, water, etc.
Moreover, there are some special effects as well, such as cheer, elimination, kiss, gunshot, yell, laughter, etc.
To make streaming enjoyable, streamers must adjust loudness differently depending on where they are, and this sound card may be adjusted accordingly.

3. Live Sound Card V8 – Connectivity

Live sound card V8 supports mobile computer use and has single headset support.
When you purchase it, a USB cable will be included that you may use to quickly connect the phone, desktop computer, laptop, and other devices. Nowadays, dual mobile phone broadcasts are quite widespread, and the good news is that this sound card supports it.

Other functions include:

  • Bluetooth Accompaniment
  • Electronic Sound
  • Intelligent Ducking
  • Voice Change

Sound Card V9 – Connectivity

This sound card is fully compatible with mobile phones, computers, & mobile phone apps.
Other functions include:

  • BT Accompaniment
  • One-Key Muting
  • Plug & Play
  • Voice Over

Wrapping Up

For those who love streaming, it’s recommended to get their hands on live sound card V8, or sound card v9 to up their streaming game. So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to streaming hassles and problems by purchasing a live sound card v8 or a sound card V9.


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