Rolling Trays: Enhancing the Stoner Experience

Rolling trays serve as smooth surfaces utilized by enthusiasts to safeguard their prized bud, available in either plastic or metallic variants. The metallic trays are preferred since they look and feel nice. They are precious containers to stoners because they enable them to elevate their rolling experience. This post looks at what rolling trays are, what to look for when buying one, and how to use them.

Rolling trays offer a dedicated space for crafting joints, packing bowls, or rolling blunts, featuring flat surfaces ideal for grinding weed during the rolling process. So they make the life of a stoner a lot easier.

Rolling Trays 2 Of course, the stoner can use any other flat surface, such as a book or a table. Also, using other surfaces may require thorough cleaning to remove the smell. Besides, other surfaces are not well suited for rolling tasks. A rolling tray thus gives the stoner a nice flat surface for the rolling bowl.

Note that using a rolling tray makes work easier. It enables the stoner to roll weed without worrying about straying pieces that may find their way into carpets and cracks. Also, using a tray eliminates smells and stinks.

Important Features of a Rolling Tray

  • Size- rolling trays come in different sizes. The smaller types are portable and easy to store, while the larger trays have plenty of space for mixing, grinding, and storage. Some trays have spaces where the stoner can place the grinder.
  • Insets- modern trays feature a cutout area where the stoner places the grinder or papers. The materials used- wood, plastic, and metals are the primary materials used to make a rolling tray. But the metallic rolling trays are the best because they are easier to use and clean. Plastic trays are not common because they neither look good nor feel nice.
  • The edges- Trays come with sharp or curved edges. Thus, the edges should be finger-friendly, smooth, or sharp.
  • The lid- a rolling tray should feature a tight-fitting lid to allow the user to store cards, paper, and weed. It allows for effortless movement.
  • Slabs- a rolling tray could be a compact kit or feature simple slabs. Those that feature indentations could be ideal for storing accessories. Those made from silicone provide a non-toxic surface for rolling weed.
  • Sizes- a rolling tray should neither be too small nor too large. Typically they range from 15-20 cm wide and could be circular or rectangular. They could also be a few centimeters deep.

They confer the following benefits to the stoner:

  • They ensure that no weed is wasted
  • Have an even surface to allow easier working

Rolling TraysRolling trays feature storage space where the stoner can store a lighter or paper. The factory-made trays are the best. However, you can make your tray with a silicone mold, resin hardener, and gloves. You also need plastic cups and resin pigments.


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