Do You Know About Woven Bags?

What do you know about woven bags? In our daily life, do you know which industries the woven bag functions in? Read on if you’re interested!


What material is made of?

Usually, polyethylene PE bags, are transparent bags generally made of new material. In line with food grade, PE is not resistant to high temperatures, and can not be heated at high-temperature cooking. Polypropylene PP can be used for boiling water and microwave heating. Woven bags can be used for food packaging. We usually pack food such as rice, flour, corn, and potatoes.

What industries are used in?

Woven bags, also known as plastic bags, also play an important role in the tourism and transportation industry. Tourism in temporary tents, umbrellas, and all kinds of travel bags. Plastic woven fabric applications and all kinds of tarpaulin are widely used in transportation and storage cover material, replacing the heavy cotton woven tarpaulin is easy to mold. In construction fences, the net cover is also widely used in plastic woven fabric. And woven bags are also used in the construction industry, for filtration, drainage, strengthening, isolation, seepage, and other functions. Industry special factors, sometimes need to use some usually use the little woven bag, carbon black bag is one of them. The biggest characteristic of a carbon black bag is sunscreen. Carbon black woven bag than ordinary woven bag sunscreen ability is high, the ordinary woven bag can not withstand the sun’s long-term exposure. There are anti-UV woven bags with anti-UV and anti-aging functions!

What are the production processes?

Common woven bags are used for food packaging, we usually use woven bags to pack rice, flour, pet feed, and so on, if you have custom woven bags or plastic bags in this area, you can contact us. When it comes to commonly woven bags, the process has three-in-one, four-in-one, offset bags, general packages, and so on. There are corresponding technological processes for specific user requirements there are also some new changes in the handle. Handle types have punch handle holes, plastic handles, double plastic handles, easy to pull, single nail hole handles double nail hole handles, and so on, these will be more convenient to use. There are sewing types, but also a variety of single folding single line, single folding double line, easy to pull the roof, milk-white adhesive edge, and hot melt adhesive paper edge.

Are recyclable?

The woven bag is a degradable and recyclable material, there are many kinds of woven bags and different production raw materials can be divided into plastic. Kraft paper, laminating. Paper-plastic, and so on, the environmental protection coefficient is not the same. Compared with traditional plastic bags, the advantages are strong tensile, good tension, low gas resistance, antistatic, oil resistance, solvent resistance, heat sealing, and printing, so it is widely used in life. The most notable of these is that they are biodegradable by water, air, sunlight, and biodegradation. It usually breaks down into harmless substances in about a month.


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